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When it comes to targeting the appearance of cellulite Bioslimming WINS hands down. It Dramatically decreases the appearance of Fat deposits & Cellulite by up to 47% after only ONE Treatment and as can be seen in the photo’s bellow after 6 treatments the results are phenomenal.

An absolute revolution in Body wraps!

Bioslimming is the revolutionary body treatment from Provence Cosmetics France, effective at producing visible long lasting results from the first treatment. Bioslimming is unlike the traditional body wraps on the market and successfully targets cellulite, fat, burns calories, enhances weight loss, slims, firms and tones.

Bioslimming is scientifically formulated using a unique combination of active ingredients which include a multitude of plant extracts, high concentration of caffeine, essential oils, algae extract and thermo agents (both hot and cold). This allows Bioslimming to produce incredible, long lasting results which are visible from the first treatment.

  • Unique Formula combining a multitude of plant extracts, high concentration of caffeine, essential oils, algae extract and thermo agents (hot and cold)
  • Dramatically reduces the appearance of “orange peel” skin
  • Slims, firms and tones
  • Fights rebel fat deposits
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Thermo agents stimulate lymphatic system and helps burn fat by thermo-regulation
  • Induces lipolysis and fat burning
  • Improves appearance of stretch marks
  • Improves circulation and metabolism of fat cells
  • Increases consumption of calories
  • Reduces feeling of “heavy” legs


Bioslimming Wrap Before After 1_H2O Bodywraps
Bioslimming Wrap Before After 3_H2O Bodywraps
  • I started at H2O Body Works in February at a size 16 in jeans and dresses. After 5 weeks of constantly doing the inchloss body wraps and infrared sauna, and after 2 weeks of doing 20 minute sessions with vacu step, 3 times per week, I’ve lost a total of 13.2 inches! I now wear a size 12 or 10, depending on the brand! This has not only been a journey to better health, but a fun, therapeutic and motivating habit I plan to keep up! It can only get better!

    – Molly

  • I’ve always considered myself to be pretty active and fit, but I always had extra body fat that I just couldn’t get rid of. I decided to give H2O Body Works a try and after a few weeks of Vacustep, infrared body wraps, European body wraps, and Lipo dissolve treatments (LOVE!) I can definitely see and feel a difference in the amount of fat that I have lost. An added bonus is having some time to relax while getting the treatments!

    – Shelby

  • I’ve lost 14 inches in 5 weeks, 23 total sessions. Not only have I lost inches but I feel cleaner, detoxed, & refreshed. The staff is amazing. They have always made me feel beautiful & comfortable and they are extremely sweet!

    – Tami A.